Why I Write

Marvin Gaye made
an important record
in the 1970’s called
“What’s Going On?”
I write to figure out
what’s going on.

The hopes for which
ordinary men and women
fought for,
and sometimes died for,
in the Second World War
have been betrayed
by the business elite
that has taken over
our province and
our country.
I write to expose this betrayal.

I write to reject their definition
of who I am
to find my voice
to share my story
in the community of
those who are
making new roads
drawing new maps
building a home
where the bottom line
is justice.

I write to forgive,
to reconcile and to include,
as Robert Rich wrote
in his story
“Somewhere, My Love” (1)
in which he turns back
to hold the hand
of a dying person.
There is more truth in
Robert’s story than
in all the weapons
of mass destruction
owned by the American Empire,
in all the spin-doctoring
of politicians,
or in all the
high-tech expertise
of medical entrepreneurs.

Tell your stories, friends.
Give them away
where they are needed.
Our stories
are like water
in the desert,
like a map
that will bring us home.

~ Sandy Cameron

* * *

(1) “Somewhere, My Love,” by Robert R. Rich, Carnegie Newsletter, July 1, 2002.

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